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Non-Financial Endowments for Public-Benefit Organizations?

I would like to help the Internet Archive thrive for very long time.    An endowment is one tool, but financial endowments have some issues, so what about exploring non-cash endowments?   Non-financial endowments, if done correctly, appears to create longer term … Continue reading

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Career Advice for a Better World: Food, Health, Housing, Education. Pick One.

Food, Health, Housing, Education.    Pick One. If we pick a big goal, a high goal, a worthy goal, and then work to make a difference, then we might make some progress and avoid some of the classic pitfalls.   A worthy … Continue reading

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Growing Our Own Food

Leveraging recent developments, I believe we can build small-scale farms that are low-labor and low-water-usage that grow enough chickens, fish, and vegetables (not sure about grains) to feed many families.   Small scale meaning less than 1 acre and low labor … Continue reading

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