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Another class-size-of-1 school, but seemingly more expensive

A fellow custom-school parent, Karina, pointed out a class-size-of-1 school: Fusion Academy. It seems expensive compared to what we are spending (we are $35/hour, but we are doing the arranging and sometimes provide a room, and this school seems to … Continue reading

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Custom Schooling Workshop a Success! Video enclosed.

40 people came to the first workshop on “custom schooling“, an approach to schooling with class sizes from 1 to 4 that is surprisingly affordable, manageable, effective, and fun. Paper on the subject, that I recommend. Here are videos of … Continue reading

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Career Advice for a Better World: Food, Health, Housing, Education. Pick One.

Food, Health, Housing, Education.    Pick One. If we pick a big goal, a high goal, a worthy goal, and then work to make a difference, then we might make some progress and avoid some of the classic pitfalls.   A worthy … Continue reading

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Custom Schools with a Class size of 1 or 4

This last September, our 13-year-old boy, Logan, rather than return to his San Francisco private school began taking lessons in a custom school his mother and I created around him. I don’t use the word “homeschooling” because that may conjure … Continue reading

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