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Raw Cookie Dough without the Stomach Ache

My mother loved to bake cookies, and would make huge batches of cookie dough and freeze them.    This led me to develop a love of raiding the freezer.    While I could eat a dozen baked cookies, I would get a … Continue reading

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Start a Foundation Farm School? Learn to Grow

What about establishing a Foundation Farming School, say near San Francisco in Richmond or El Cerrito?    A motto might be “Learn to Grow.”   This school could have the farmers live on the property and teach each other and explore new … Continue reading

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Self-Sufficient County

How about a competition, or a goal to bring counties to be as self sufficient as they can be?    Local water, local power, local farmers, local schools, local furniture, local housewares, local building supplies.    Local and proud of it.     Local … Continue reading

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Career Advice for a Better World: Food, Health, Housing, Education. Pick One.

Food, Health, Housing, Education.    Pick One. If we pick a big goal, a high goal, a worthy goal, and then work to make a difference, then we might make some progress and avoid some of the classic pitfalls.   A worthy … Continue reading

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Growing Our Own Food

Leveraging recent developments, I believe we can build small-scale farms that are low-labor and low-water-usage that grow enough chickens, fish, and vegetables (not sure about grains) to feed many families.   Small scale meaning less than 1 acre and low labor … Continue reading

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