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Locking the Web Open, a Call for a Distributed Web

Presentation by Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive Digital Librarian at Ford Foundation NetGain gathering, — a call from 5 top foundations to think big about prospects for our digital future. (via ) Hi, I’m Brewster Kahle, Founder of the Internet … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Self-Made Man, or maybe better said: Thank You.

My dear sons, Caslon and Logan– Those that proclaim themelves “Self Made”, I am convinced, are either ignorant or marketers. Ignorant of the many people that help us along, push us along, often without recognition. Or marketers that are purposefully … Continue reading

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When I First Realized I was being Lied to…

When I first realized I was being lied to, systematically lied to, and by the government, I felt upset, then felt duped, and it started me thinking– how far does this lying go? It was in the beginning of college … Continue reading

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Tower of Babel Story Celebrating Monoculture or Diversity?

I started to question what I was taught about the Tower of Babel story, and it turns out I was not the only one.   Oxford Biblical Studies Online analyzes it and comes up a non-traditional and, from my point of … Continue reading

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Are ‘Road-Trains’ Coming?

I think it could be a very good thing, and one that could evolve incrementally from existing technologies. I imagine ‘Road-Trains’ as made up of cars on highways that automatically adapt to what cars in front of it are doing, … Continue reading

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“Change the World”, “Do No Evil”, what about something else– “Amplify Good” or ?

Maybe we should question mottoes and think of new ones. Steve Jobs would often say he was “Changing the World.”   Google’s founders repeated a motto of “Do No Evil.”   Mottos may seem trite, but they form part of the … Continue reading

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Foundation Housing Talk at SoCap 2014

I had the opportunity to introduce Foundation Housing at the Social Capital Conference yesterday.    Fun.  This is a conference for people trying to figure out how to invest in things that have humanitarian benefits.     Foundation Housing may be a new … Continue reading

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Creating Free and Open Societies

Creating Free and Open Societies From Free and Open Source Software, to Non-profit High-tech Organizations, to Debt-free Affordable Housing  Brewster Kahle,  the club,  May 12, 2014,   cc-by    v3 msword pdf tl;dr summary:  Public Licenses Rule (in software and … Continue reading

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Corporations are 1st Generation AI’s

Corporations are 1st generation AI’s Just as computers started out being made out of people, AI’s are starting out being made of humans humans to operate their processes, to be the actors of the Corporations But fewer humans are needed … Continue reading

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Foundation Housing: Permanently Affordable Housing in San Francisco Pitch

I had the pleasure of meeting with a district supervisor of San Francisco, Jane Kim, and found the #3 priority on her whiteboard was “Non-Profit Displacement”, and #1 was “Balanced Housing”.    So Foundation Housing would fit in both categories.   I … Continue reading

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