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Raw Cookie Dough without the Stomach Ache

My mother loved to bake cookies, and would make huge batches of cookie dough and freeze them.    This led me to develop a love of raiding the freezer.    While I could eat a dozen baked cookies, I would get a … Continue reading

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When Market Rents Break People, Some Try Fixes…

We are very far from the local control and local ownership of housing that was the norm 100 years ago.   Not that everything was rosy then, but we can see the thorns of our current system.   Some are trying some … Continue reading

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If the ‘safety-net’ that went from Church to Government now goes to Non-Profits then we have work to do!

From the middle ages through the 1800’s, the “social safety net” in the west used to be offered by “the Church” (which church varied by region).    Think about schools, alms for the poor, asylums, hospitals–  many or most were administered … Continue reading

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High Stakes Testing– is Failing

Diane Ravitch’s book The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education was a thoughtful antidote to the highly touted movie Waiting for “Superman” .   A clue that that movie was a … Continue reading

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Article on Sharable about Foundation Housing

I think the writer, Jessica Conrad, did a great job on this article about Foundation Housing for an interesting periodical Sharable, and also the same article was put up on On The Commons. Recommended.

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