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Vanity Bitcoin Address for Me

Thanks the Mike McCabe at the Archive, I now have a cool vanity bitcoin address.   As in all things bitcoin, there is no central point of control, even on vanity addresses.   Basically one just computes lots of different addresses until … Continue reading

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Our Foundation House now accepts Bitcoin for Rent in San Francisco

(covered by SFWeekly) Our Foundation House is now accepting bitcoin for rent.   Since the Internet Archive is having such fun with bitcoin, we thought we would offer this.   The Sushi place in our neighborhood accepts bitcoin, and Internet Archive employees … Continue reading

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Bank Secrecy Act = Bank Surveillance Act

United States banks do not tell you this, but they are now spying for the United States Government.    I am now a chairman of a Credit Union (please join!) and as such went through Bank Secrecy Act training.    “Bank Secrecy … Continue reading

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Phone Metadata Used To Find Informants and Kill Them

To help understand the impact of the current debate about “phone-metadata”, or records of phonecalls, a friend cited an article that describes how a Colombian drug cartel, in 2002, used phone metadata to find government informants and kill them.  Apparently, … Continue reading

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