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Affordable Apartment Building for Non-Profit Workers– the first Foundation House

We now have it! A new non-profit now owns an apartment building in the central Richmond district of San Francisco.     The mission of the Foundation House is to create affordable housing for people that work in non-profits– in … Continue reading

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Issues with Deviating from Market-based Rents in Foundation Housing

Some have criticized the Foundation Housing for non-profit workers idea because of the consequences of offering lower-cost-than-market based housing.  This is a real problem that must be considered as we try to help non-profit workers continue a career of service in … Continue reading

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Purchasing the first “Foundation House”– Debt-Free Housing Experiment is Starting!

We are purchasing the first apartment building to be a “Foundation House” in San Francisco!  (More details on the building).  This is a form of Endowment for non-profits in the form of usable housing and real estate investment rather than … Continue reading

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