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Self-Sufficient County

How about a competition, or a goal to bring counties to be as self sufficient as they can be?    Local water, local power, local farmers, local schools, local furniture, local housewares, local building supplies.    Local and proud of it.     Local … Continue reading

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-1 = 1 fallacy

on trying to figure out i^i, I stumbled on the following fallacy that I can not peg: 1 = 1 (-1)(-1) = (1) (1) (-1)^2 = (1)^2 (-1)^2 = (1)^2 (-1)^(2 * 1/2) = (1) ^(2 * 1/2) (-1)^1 = … Continue reading

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My Firefox plug-ins to stop ads and tracking (all free add-ons)

In case you might care to try these, here is a list of the plug-ins I use on firefox: Adblock Plus (version 2.0.3) Does a great job DoNotTrackPlus  Super great,highly recommended. turns off tracking sites. FlashBlock   lots of ads … Continue reading

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Putting restrictions on a house title to keep it debt-free may not work well

In this exploration of debt-free housing, we had two scenarios:   buy a building and renting units, but bring the rents down because the units become debt free.   The other is to have people put a title restriction on their house … Continue reading

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