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Growing Our Own Food

Leveraging recent developments, I believe we can build small-scale farms that are low-labor and low-water-usage that grow enough chickens, fish, and vegetables (not sure about grains) to feed many families.   Small scale meaning less than 1 acre and low labor … Continue reading

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What should be the school year be for custom schoolers?

Our family has built a “custom school” around our 14 year-old child with hired teachers, and it is working out fantastically well.    He is learning more than his former classmates, according to his former teachers that have evaluated him.   He … Continue reading

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Really Owning our Homes: Home/Land Security

What if most people owned their homes free and clear, in other words, debt free?   If we were renting, what if the rent were less than 1/2 of what it currently is because we only paid for upkeep and taxes, … Continue reading

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Structural Change for the Public Benefit: A Lesson from Open Source Licenses

Forty years ago there was a political agenda in the US and much of the world that had merit:  fix the issues of ecology, control the expanding power of the multi-national corporations, regulate or phase out nuclear technologies, address the … Continue reading

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