How to Signup and take a secure backup of your Secure Cove Identity Vault: 

Steps to Signup:
1) Enter your First & Last Name.
2) Select your country code, if the default is not yours.
3) Enter your mobile number (donot include country code again here, or donot prefix '0')
4) Proceed to Register.
as the below screen :
Inline image 1
Next, you there would be two sets of OTPs sent to both your email and phone, 
First you need to verify your email  (USE ONLY YOUR EMAIL CODE sent over your email address) as below:
Inline image 2
 Next, you'll have to Verify your phone Number on the next screen as below (ONLY USE THE VERIFICATION CODE sent over 
sms here) :
Inline image 3 
Finally you need to setup a 6-digit secure pin for your account, as below:
Inline image 1
Once you signup, you're ready to use the app but Its very important to take the backup of your secure wallet.
P.S Backup is very important and can help your take back control of your data in events of device change or re-installations.
Inline image 1
you need to take the backup only once, even in case you have skipped, you may get it done any time from your profile info section, please checkout a small video to know how to set it up in case you've skipped while signing up here: Video Link
In case of any difficulties or queries, please reach out to us at